Thursday, January 7

Our "Denton" Christmas Party

This year our little group of friends, I call them my "Denton Friends," decided to have our Christmas celebration at our new home!

We arranged a gift exchange where the girls would all buy a $$ gift for the girls and the guys would all buy a $$ gift for the guys, then we would draw numbers and pick gifts- each one could be stolen twice, the person who stole the gift for the second time was the keeper of that gift.

Everyone arrived at our home the Sunday night after Christmas and each brought a home cooked side dish. Jami and Matt brought incredibly delicious home made mac and cheese, Angie and Josh brought potatoes and asparagus, Kristi brought this phenomenal tortellini soup ( I can't remember the name, though) and Frank brought drinks. Josh and I made bread and bacon wrapped chicken. The meal was fabulous with very little left overs.

After dinner we played our gift exchange game. The ladies went first drawing numbers; Jami was #1, then me, then Angie and last but not least, was Kristi. Jami opened Angie's gift which was a gorgeous picture frame filled with pictures of the 4 of us from the past few years and an incredibly soft blanket.

Happy with her gift we moved on to me, I picked Kristi's which ended up being jewelry and purses from Charming Charlies! I absolutely LOVED it all.

Then was Angie, she picked my gift which was a gift card for a 1 hour massage at Massage Envy. Kristi hesitated with the idea to steal Angie's gift but too kind to step on toes she picked Jami's. Lucky for her, Jami and I think alike... she, too got a gift card for a 1 hour massage!

We were all so happy with our gifts that no one stole or exchanged. Good job ladies!

The boys were next. First was Matt, then Josh, Josh, Zach and Frank. I cannot remember who got what but the boys stole so much that they each got their OWN gift back in the end! Matt went home with his two boxes of imported beers, Josh kept his bottle of Don Julio Tequilla, Josh Rollins went home with his Halo 3 game, Zach with his chin up bar and Frank with his mobster movie set! We found it kind of funny that the girls didn't steal once and the guys stole everything... :)

Josh and I both drew #2

After gifts we played some Apples to Apples where Josh Rollins kicked all of our butts and then we called it a night. It was so much fun spending time with our friends and I was so sad when the night came to an end. I cannot wait until next year!

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