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January 18, 2010

Another year has flown by and with it has come another Birthday. It's amazing that when you're a kid, it seems like an eternity passes by before your next one, but as an adult they start to blur together as time whizzes on by.

As you may have read before in my post about New Year's Resolutions, one of my goals for the year is to learn how to play the guitar. There was only one problem with that resolution... I didn't own a guitar! So, Josh being the amazing husband that he has proven himself to be, went out and surprised me with one for my birthday!

Friday night we had plans to go out with some friends but just before I started feeling pretty sick, so we called and broke our plans and I changed into comfy clothes to relax for the rest of the night. About half an hour later Josh asked me if I wanted my presents early, I was a little thrown off because we are both so traditional and like to open presents on our birthdays, but he said that he had a feeling I would want it for the weekend, so I agreed. He walked me into the guest bedroom where there was a tall, funky shaped box sitting on the ground. Instantly I knew what it was and turned to embrace him. Then I eagerly ripped into the box and pulled out my beautiful acoustic guitar. I was so overwhelmed that I didn't even notice the other two gifts lying beside the bed. He had also gotten me a gorgeous soft cover guitar case, a tuner and picks. Within ten minutes we had figured out how to tune the guitar and I was pulling up videos on how to play different chords. It will take me some time but I know that eventually I'll figure it out! A few minutes later mom called and told me that now I had my guitar I could open the gift from my brother and sister in law. They sent me a beginners guide on playing guitar and some money to go towards lessons or whatever else I didn't get. It was SO thoughtful!

Sunday after church and a little cleaning around the house, we headed to my parent's house to celebrate my Birthday with them. Mom had made cupcakes and wanted to open gifts right away. Athena, my little (not so little anymore) sister used her babysitting money to buy me Super Mario Bros for the Wii! I've already gotten past world 1 and am loving it!

Next I opened the gift from my parents. They gave me a beautiful pair of suede boots that I've been wanting for almost two years now. I can't wait to wear them!!

After presents we dug into the cupcakes and played a little Rock Band- I kicked some butt on the electric guitar. Just wish playing a real guitar was that easy!

Later that evening Josh and I headed to his parent's house to celebrate with them. They made us a steak dinner and we enjoyed a calm night swapping life stories and enjoying each other's company. They were so sweet and gave me another setting for our china for my birthday. We now have 6 place settings and are on our way to having enough to serve both of our families!

I had to work on my actual Birthday but the office came together and took me out to Charelston's for lunch. It was great getting out of the office and spending time with our friends for a bit.

After work Josh took me out on the town. Not many people know this but 7 years ago on the vary same night, Josh took me downtown for my Birthday to see the Lord of the Rings. It was our first date... It was cold outside and he let me wear his coat. I was 17 and smitten... Not much has changed. :) Happy 7 years to the one who holds my heart, I love you with all that I am Josh Morgan!

This year he took me out to dinner at one of our favorite resteraunts, Texas de Brazil.

If you've never been it is basically all you can eat, top of the line, steaks. They have other types of meat but we know what's best so we stick to it! My meal consisted of: 1 salad, 4 pieces of bread, 4 cinnamon/sugar glazed bananas, 1 garlic serloin, 1 and 1/2 house special, 4 baccon wrapped fillet mignons, dessert and a glass of wine. Needless to say, I was stuffed. It was an incredible night.

I felt overwhelmed yesterday as I received notification after notification from Facebook as friends took the time to wish me well on my Birthday, and several phone calls and text messages from friends and family. Don't ever underestimate what wishing someone well does for the soul. Thank you to each and every person who took time out of their day to do so- it meant the world to me.

This weekend is my actual Birthday party... I'll be having a few girlfriends over for the evening and it should be a night of epic proportions, just like every birthday party in the past. I thank God for the countless blessings he has given to me and look forward to walking through the journey of 2010 another year older and, hopefully, another year wiser.

Stay tuned!

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