Monday, January 25

3 Months

I cannot believe that three months have already passed since Josh and I were married.  We have learned so much about one another and have grown closer than I ever thought possible in the past months.  I thought I would take a few minutes to write about some of my favorite moments of marriage thus far and write about some of the things that Josh and I have learned about each other. 

Here are a few of my favorite "Married Moments" over the past 3 months:
  • Being greeted as "Mr. and Mrs. Morgan" as we checked into our honeymoon suite.
  • Waking up next to Josh for the first time the morning after our wedding.
  • Taking care of one another through our first married sicknesses.
  • Flying on a plane together.
  • Moving into and setting up our home.
  • Painting our bathroom together.
  • Hearing Josh call me his wife for the first time as he introduced me to the Hawk Security guy.
  • Getting a new nickname, "Wifer.".
  • Cooking together and discovering new favorite dishes
  • Hawaii.
  • Spending the holidays creating new traditions.
  • Many nights of entertaining friends and family in our new home.
  • Lazy Saturdays.
  • My first Birthday as Mrs. Morgan  
  • Learning more about each other every single day.
There are so many things you get to learn about a person when you live with them.  During our premarital counseling we talked a lot about great expectations and what we expected out of one another in our marriage.  I feel like we learned a lot from those meetings and we've really been able to apply it all to our new life.  Here are a few things we've learned about one another in the past three months:
  • Josh LOVES watching sports, fishing, and hunting channels ALL of the time.
  • I prefer to watch reality TV and sitcoms.
  • I leave the lid of the toilet seat up while Josh prefers to have the lid down at all times... I never thought HE would be getting onto ME about the toilet lid!
  • Josh is VERY helpful and supportive around the house
  • We enjoy keeping our home clean and take the time to do so together
  • We both love entertaining friends and family and try to have someone over whenever possible
  • Josh sleeps with a billion pillows
  • I apparently steal said pillows in the middle of the night
  • Josh is incredibly attentive and sensitive when I'm sick or not feeling well
  • I sometimes forget the pull the hanger after grabbing an article of clothing and Josh gets onto me about not adding it to the hanger pile... I love it.
  • Neither of us like doing laundry very much, but he always helps me put it away.
  • We love making big meals and trying new dishes
  • We are both very orderly and like keeping our daily routines- Josh a little bit more so than me.
  • Josh likes 2% or higher with milk.  I like 1% or lower with milk... Needless to say, we drink 2%
  • Josh never complains about having to do housework and always takes the trash out on trash day without anyone having to ask him to.  
  • Josh likes to put his cold hands and feet on me... This I do not love.
  • We both enjoy going over to visit our families at least once a week- we miss them and love being so close.
  • Josh is a morning person... Me, not so much.
  • We are apparently getting old because we like being in bed by 9:00.
  • We love each other more and more everyday... And we take the time to make sure the other one knows how we feel.
These past few months have flown by.  We have had so many wonderful memories already and have learned a great deal about one another.  The one thing I am reminded of daily is that we are both blessed beyond measure.  I don't anticipate things to be this blissful forever, but I am hopeful that they will remain this way throughout our marriage and our life together.  I am (in my opinion) the luckiest woman on Earth to be married to Josh.  He has a heart the size of Texas and is the most selfless, thoughtful, compassionate and loving person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  I write all of these things genuinely from the bottom of my heart and hope that when I look back on this post in 5, 10, 20 years, I will be able to say, "That is still the man I know and love today." 

Happy 3 months of marriage, Josh!  I love you with all that I am!

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