Wednesday, January 30

A Very Happy Girl To Bring Me Out Of A Very Terrible Day

Work today was... less than stellar.  That is really all I have the desire or willing to say about it.  When I got home Callie crawled right over to her toy box and happily started to play.  Seeing her excitement and ignorance of the world really drew me in.  I saw my camera sitting on the counter, grabbed hold of it and just started snapping pictures of her beauty and innocence. 

I fully realize this is the second post in a row about my daughter and pictures.  Sorry for not being sorry :).  She is a huge part of my world and continues to be one of the driving factors for my happiness.  Hope everyone is having a fantastic week!  Thanks for stopping by.

1 comment:

JJane said...

Love the photos - wish we could have you over for dinner...a bit of a commute for you thought.
miss you!