Saturday, January 5

Little Green Pouch - AMAZING

As I wandered the aisles of Buy Buy Baby last week shopping for a birthday gift, I ran into the squeezable baby food pouches and thought about how wonderful and convenient they would be for feeding on the go.  When I saw the price for one pouch, however, I quickly replaced it and went on my merry little way.   There was NO way I was going to buy a pouch for almost $2.00 just to throw it away when it was gone. 

The question I kept asking myself was, why has no one made a reusable pouch?  Well.... Come to find out, someone has!  My Google search led me to this incredible website for the Little Green Pouch.  You can purchase 4 reusable food pouches for $14.99!  I quickly placed my order and not only were they quick to process it, they even sent me an email thanking me for my order and the box was on my doorstep before I knew it.  I love that these are reusable, but even more than that, I love that buying them is helping to support two wonderful mommas who came up with a great idea and followed through with creating it. 

This morning Callie had some homemade peaches straight from the pouch and did great!  I would highly recommend these to any of my mommy friends out there for your baby/toddler/kids! 

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