Sunday, January 20

Double Dates & Nice Weather

Yesterday Josh and I went with a couple from church to a shooting range.  We had been planning this date for quite some time and decided that it was finally time!  My first go at shooting the shotgun was not so incredible as I missed every single clay... but the third time up I shot 4!  After shooting skeet for a good while we headed to the shooting range for pistols.  Even with ear plugs in, the sound of rifles, pistols, shot guns, etc... firing over and over unexpectedly made me jump every single time!  We had a really great date day and loved getting to spend quality time with quality friends.

The weather today is absolutely beautiful, and despite my intense desire to poop out and nap all day long I got the house fairly clean and then went for our first family walk of the year.  It was so refreshing to breathe in crisp air and get some sun at the same time.  It was just a little glimpse into the beautiful Spring ahead and I cannot wait!  

 Happy Sunday!  Day 1 away from Facebook... so far, so good!


cal+claire said...

So fun! I love going on family walks together when the weather is nice.

Anonymous said...

I sure love this amazing family!