Monday, November 16

Deer Season

Poor Josh agreed to get married in the prime of hunting seasons... I knew that as soon as we were married he would want to go out and hunt, and I was perfectly fine with that.

This past weekend we drove out to Ore City (where his grandparents live) to do some hunting and spend some time with family.

We arrived late Friday night and spent time with one set of grandparents, Grammy and Pepaw. We had a wonderful time catching up and chatting.

The following morning Josh and I got up at 5:30, put on our camo, picked Dad up and headed out for a morning of deer hunting!

It was a beautiful morning with a slight fog, we arrived in Glenwood around 6:30 and headed to our spots. On the way Josh and I spotted a young buck and watched him walk through the pasture- he was beautiful but too young to shoot. A few minutes later as we tip-toed through the woods we came to a stop, another young buck had walked up on us, he was an 8 point but his body was still a little short- so we stood there holding our breath and watched him graze until he caught site of us and jumped off into the woods. I had never in my life been that close to a deer, it was incredible!

We didn't end up seeing anything more that morning, it was simply too hot and windy. But it was wonderful to spend some time in silence just enjoying God's creation.

When we weren't hunting we were spending time in the Rehab center with his grandparents. It was really difficult for me to see two amazing individuals in such a horrible state. Mimi has been doing better and showing a lot of progression, I only wish we could say the same about Papa. It simply broke my heart... Watching the family come together to show love and compassion for him was wonderful, I had no words and found myself constantly having to hold back tears. They have only been in my life for 7 years, I cannot imagine what Josh and his family are going through. Prayers are always appreciated- God is all knowing and He has a plan. I believe in the power of prayer and I know that God is capable of incredible miracles. I pray that Papa is one of them.

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