Thursday, November 5

Honeymoon Day 2

Josh and I suffered through a mostly sleepless night our first night in Hawaii. Both dealing with colds and an odd time change we woke up several times throughout the night until finally, at 6:30, we couldn't sleep anymore.

We rolled out of bed, threw on our swim suits and headed off to our first breakfast. As part of our package with the resort we were given free continental breakfast everyday. We arrived to the resort restaurant thinking we would be eating some bagels, cereal and fruit and were quite surprised when we found something much more! The restaurant overlooks some of the resort pools and in the distance you can see the beautiful blue ocean- all seating is outdoors.

View of the pools from our table.

We were quickly seated by the nice hostess wearing his floral patterned button up shirt(that everyone on the resort wore). The breakfast buffet was incredible, pastries, waffles, eggs, potatoes, bacon, sausage, fruit, cereal, juice, coffee, milk... It was a feast fit for two hungry honeymooners. We took full advantage of the vast variety of breakfast foods and took our seats to stuff our faces. It was delicious. Everyday they had a different item, one morning it was waffles, the next pancakes, french toast, crepes, etc... We felt so spoiled! Something we found odd was that they didn't have any orange juice! Instead, they had pineapple juice and guava juice. By the end of the week we had acquired a taste for the pineapple juice (now that we're home, I'm actually missing it!).

After breakfast (when we realized our eyes were bigger than our stomachs) we headed to our puny Yaris and headed for the nearest supermarket.

Here we purchased more cold medicine (we had ALREADY run out) and food items for our lunches during the week. It was really cool getting to see different varieties of foods and the prices were definitely outrageous. Everything in Hawaii really is more expensive.

After stocking our villa refrigerator we got into our swimsuits, grabbed our beach bag (given to us stocked full of goodies by Josh's mom) and headed toward the beach. We spent the entire morning lying on the beach, soaking up the beautiful Hawaiian sun and I got to swim in the ocean for the first time in 8 years.

Our view - perfection!

We also discovered that our beach was perfect for snorkeling- there was coral and sea life just 20 feet off of the shore, it was really exciting to snorkel and I even saw an eel!

Around 1:00 we headed inside for lunch- I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with some BBQ chips while Josh had a turkey and cheese sandwich with three cheese Italian chips. Yum!

We spent some time enjoying our villa and then got ready to go explore more of Ka'anapali. On the way in we saw a Melting Pot and both of us had been dying to try it. Apparently it's all the rave. So, we got dressed up and headed there for dinner.

I started my meal with a nice glass of Cabernet and we ordered some cheese fondue for an appetiser. With the cheese fondue they brought out breads, veggies and apples. We were really confused by the apples- but dared to try them in the cheese and actually loved it. One of the coolest things to me was the Terra bread- it's purple!

For our main course we ordered fillet Mignon and chicken breast with a vegetable broth. We were expecting them to bring the raw meat out, cook it in a skillet table side and then use the broth as a dipping sauce- boy were we surprised when they brought us the raw meat and said, "have at it."
We realized then that we would be cooking the raw meat in the vegetable broth. I was SO disappointed. It broke my heart to see this beautiful piece of steak that had so much potential being thrown into a pot of hot broth. We cooked the meat anyway and made our way through dinner. It wasn't terrible... but it definitely wasn't worth the money. Stuffed from the cheese fondue and mediocre meat we opted out of desert. We did, however, get a coupon for a free desert and are looking forward to trying it out now that we are home.

After dinner we headed back to our resort exhausted and ready for bed. It had been a full day but we knew that the days ahead only offered more and we wanted to make sure to be well rested for them! It was another early night to bed.

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kiliff said...

I'm sorry that you didn't care too much for the Melting Pot. We have one here in Minneapolis, and it's my ALL-TIME favorite place to go. Quite spendy, but worth every penny (in my opinion) :)