Wednesday, November 4

Honeymoon Day 1

Well, I left you last with the description of our car ride to the hotel after the wedding. Now it's time to write about the honeymoon!

We arrived at the Grand Hyatt on our wedding night around 9:00. We took some pictures with the owner of the Cadillac, picked up our luggage and headed up the escalator to check in. Walking up to the desk, Josh in his tux and me in my wedding gown, we were greeted, "Well hello Mr. and Mrs. Morgan!" I have no idea how they knew it was us! ;)

We received our room key, traveled up the elevator and walked to our room, number 202! The room was beautiful! So clean and very high end. Probably the nicest hotel I had stayed in at this point. We had a bottle of wine, two glasses and some chocolate covered strawberries waiting for us. Lucky for me Josh doesn't like wine or strawberries!

I'll skip over to the following day... ;0)

We woke up around 9:00- I must say it was very unreal waking up next to him for the first time, very special. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 12:15 so we packed our bags and headed down to check in. It was finally time to go to Hawaii!
We grabbed some lunch in the terminal and headed to the small drug store to buy some cold medicine. By this point we were both really sick- Josh woke up with a sore throat and I knew instantly that he had gotten what I had the entire week leading up to the wedding- I still wasn't over it either. We got our cold medicine, cough drops and some chap stick and boarded the plane!

The 8 hour flight to Maui was absolutely miserable. Our seats didn't lay back enough for us to actually get any sleep and neither of us could breathe. We went through two packages of travel Kleenex on the flight. Not to mention we also had this obnoxious man in front of us who couldn't stay seated for more than 30 minutes at a time. He would get up (obstructing our view of the TV monitor where they played the movies) adjust his elastic wasted sweat shorts, pump up his air belt (seriously), drink some water, stretch and then just stand there for no reason at all. It really drove us crazy- had we not restrained ourselves one of us would have thrown something at his head. :)

After a short (and I really do mean short, like 10 minutes) nap Josh woke me up and pointed outside- we had finally reached the island! It was beautiful.
We headed to baggage claim and then made our way to get our rental car. We decided not to spend the extra $200 a day for a convertible and went with the standard car- they stuck us with a Toyota Yaris... If you haven't seen one it's because no one would buy it. LOL! It's this little mini car and had manual windows that you had to roll up the old fashioned way, no automatic doors and was just completely dinky. Especially compared to Josh's Ford F150 King Ranch!

Everything seemed to fade away once we were on the road to Ka'anapali. It wasn't long before we had the rolling mountains on our right and the calm, radiant blue ocean on our left. We were struck with silence as we drove to our hotel. The view was more than we could have ever imagined.

About 45 minutes later we had arrived at our resort. The Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort and Villas- if you ever go to Maui you HAVE to stay here- they were EXCELLENT!
After checking in we walked to building number 7 to our room, 7672! We opened the door to an amazing villa- there was an entry way with a closet that contained a washer and dryer, then you walked into a hall, the kitchen on your right and the bathroom on your left, a little further and you were standing in the main bedroom with a king size bed, flat screen TV, couch, table and a patio with an ocean view. We definitely got the hook up! Everything was top of the line and absolutely perfect!

By this time it was only about 5:30 Hawaii time (10:30 Texas time!) and we had only had the one meal all day. We decided to stay close and headed to one of the many restaurants on the resort, Pulehu. It's a beautiful Italian restaurant that overlooks the resort and beautiful Coy Fish ponds. Josh and I both ordered fruity cocktails and made our dinner selections. Fettuchini Alfredo for Josh and spaghetti and meatballs for me. We were SHOCKED with how good this food was. I don't know if we were just so famished that anything would have tasted good, but this was seriously delicious. Just when we had finished our meals the waiter walked over with a surprise desert! It was a chocolate fudge cake with vanilla bean gellato and strawberries and "CONGRATULATIONS!" had been written out in chocolate. It was the best desert we had all week, I talked about it every night.

After dinner we were exhausted, but both wanted to see the ocean up close. So we grabbed our ToGo boxes and headed to the beach. The sun had just set and we were the only ones out there. Sandals in one hand, his hand in the other, we walked barefoot accross the Ka'anapali beach. It was perfect.

The day ended early- we were in bed by 7:30 Hawaii time (but 12:30 for us). We both drifted off into sleep dreaming about the week that lied ahead... I couldn't wait to see what was in store!


Angela said...

You are a great writer! Sounds like a great start to a wonderful vacation!!

Well...except for the cold and annoying plane man ;-)

Nicki said...

Haha, thank you Angela! It was a wonderful honeymoon- and thanks for reading!!