Friday, November 6

Honeymoon Day 3

After the first night in Hawaii we found a remedy for good sleep- NyQuil! That Tylenol PM stuff just wasn't cutting it. We both woke up around 4 and again at 6:30 but actually slept through most of the night. It was quite exciting.
We hopped out of bed and headed down for another great breakfast, this time only grabbing what we new our stomachs could handle. :)
After breakfast we went back to our villa, grabbed our beach bags and headed towards the beach. It was still pretty early in the morning, so we only dipped our feet in the water before we decided to lay out for a while. Still recovering from jet lag we both passed out on our beachy bed for nearly two hours! I woke up with a rad sunburn on my calf- I had gotten chilly lying in the shade and covered up with a towel, the part of my leg that wasn't covered up had been baking in the sun all morning. Luckily there was not much pain and the burn was gone the next day. We took a dip in the ocean, snorkeled for a bit and decided it was time for lunch.
We had bought a frozen pizza at the supermarket the day before not realizing that we didn't have an oven in our room. We did some research and found out that our microwave had a frozen pizza setting along with a pan to cook it in! So we gave it a shot. About 12 minutes later I found a half burnt pizza in our oven- our hunger had been growing steadily all morning so we decided to eat it anyway. :)
We had scheduled a dinner cruise the day before for this evening and it left out of Lahaina Harbor- we hadn't gotten over to Lahaina yet so after lunch we decided to go check it out. It is only about 10 minutes south of Ka'anapali where we were staying, and a great little drive. You can see locals surfing from the highway all along the coast on the way.

Once in Lahaina we walked down Front street past blocks and blocks of little shops. We stopped in a couple to browse. In one small jewelry shop we found a beautiful flower necklace- Josh asked me if I wanted it but I wanted to do some more looking around, not five minutes later we were back in the store buying it. He didn't want me to settle for anything less. :) We also ran into a man sitting on the street carving big tiki sculptures, he stopped us and asked if we were honeymooning (guess it was kind of obvious) and told us about what he did. He and his family had their own business carving sculptures out of Hawaiian wood. He did the bulk of the carving and his dad did the detailing, they were two VERY nice gentlemen. In front of him were several small sea turtles carved out. He told us that he could carve something on the bottom for us if we wanted- we couldn't turn down something to neat and genuinely authentic- so he took the turtle we picked out, put it between his foot and leg and started carving, "Maui 09 - Hia" His name was Hia (He-a). It was one of the coolest souvenirs we got all week.

We didn't make it half way down the row of shops on Front Street before heading down to the Harbor. Not knowing where the boat was taking off we wanted to try and find it in order to know where to go later that night.
After finding the slip and walking around a little more we loaded up the car and headed back to the resort to get ready for our night out.
5:00 rolled around and we were back in Lahaina, this time a little more dressed up. :) We checked in for our cruise and sat waiting with the other tourists waiting to load the boat. It was a decent sized boat, once boarded we made our way around the front, took a picture and then headed up the ladder to the top where our dinner tables were labeled and waiting for us. At our table was another couple already seated and looking very in love. We saw our name, "Morgan" and took a seat next to them.
It turns out they, too, were honeymooning. They had gotten married the night before in Hawaii- both were in their 50's (though you would have never known that by looking at them) and had just retired. It was really nice to sit and listen to their stories and lessons learned in life, they looked very happy. I ate my salad (Josh didn't care for the sweeter dressing) and a yummy Terra bread roll and before I knew it we were off floating our way over the ocean.
Josh snapped some beautiful pictures of the sunset that night- I can't imagine a better way to watch it than on the top of a boat, eating dinner with my best friend and two very sweet honeymooners.

For dinner we had the choice of chicken breast or Prime Rib. I bet you can guess which one we chose. :)
It was no fillet Mignon but it wasn't terrible. We enjoyed our dinner watching the sunset and were soon turning around to head back to harbor. A desert of cheesecake was served and on the deck below the DJ was playing music for those who wanted to partake in some dancing. Josh and I opted out of that and spent some time at the front of the ship enjoying our time together. We were half way back to harbor when I started getting sea sick. Josh walked me upstairs to our table and sat with me, telling me to look at the coastline because it would help. What a sweet man. Sure enough, it helped a bit and I was able to keep my dinner down. :)
We said goodbye to the crew and our new friends and headed back to the resort to get some rest for the day we had been looking forward to all week... Tomorrow we were going snorkeling on the Molokini Crater!

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