Monday, November 30

Weekends fly right on by!

I am sitting here looking at my computer amazed at the fact that we are now on the last day of November. It's incredible how quickly time passes when you've grown up. Where did the days go where we sat around the house bored out of our minds wishing things would hurry up? I find myself longing for those days more and more. :)

The weekend before Thanksgiving was a very busy one. Friday after work Josh and I ran errands and worked on getting the house unpacked a little more. That night our friend Morgan moved into the neighborhood and we were blessed to spend some time with her family as they helped bring her belongings in. Her home is beautiful and I am so excited to have her as a neighbor!

Later that night we went to see The Blind Side with Michael and Kim at the new Movie Grill downtown. The movie was incredible, we all really enjoyed it. So if you're looking for a great flick to see, it's definitely worth the money.

Saturday Josh and I ran even more errands, but most importantly ordering our blinds! We have been living in our home for over a month without any window coverings (except for some curtains in our bedroom). We're looking forward to that delivery. Hopefully sometime next week!

Saturday night Josh and I went to see Wade Bowen at Billy Bob's with Jamie and Kenneth along with his sister and her fiance. It was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed spending time with them.

Sunday morning I was up at the crack of dawn... well actually before dawn, to get ready for work at the Cowboy Stadium that morning. I did some promotional modeling outside of the stadium before the game... It was fun getting to see so many excited fans, too bad the Boys didn't follow through and give us a W.

Later that day Jami and Kristi came in for a visit. We played Wii for a bit and then the girls convinced Josh to bring out his guns. It sure took a lot of arm pulling to get him to do so, haha. ;) They had so much fun learning how to hold the guns, it was absolutely hilarious.

That night a group of our friends went out to Gloria's to celebrate Cameron and wish her goodbye in good style. Cam moved back home in August from St. Louis to start a new chapter in her life. She spent her time here living with my folks and lending a helping hand to anyone who was in need. I know that her stay was short but it was definitely worth while. She touched our lives so much more than she'll ever know and there are several other people here who would agree. Sometimes we may not understand God's plan, or why we lose the ones we love, but He knows what He is doing and I know that He brought Cameron to us when we needed her most. I am just thankful that we had what little time we were given. As much as it hurt to see her go, we trust that God is at work and that her life will continue to blossom. We miss you Cam.

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