Tuesday, November 10

Honeymoon Day 6

This was the morning we had been dreading all week, our last time waking up in Hawaii. We laid in bed just a while longer reminiscing on our past week full of fun and adventure. Once we finally rolled out of bed we headed down to the resort restaurant for one last amazing breakfast.

We sat at the table with our empty plates for a few minutes, reluctant to get up knowing it would be the last time. But the call of the ocean was too strong and before long we were headed down to the beach.

We spent a couple of hours laying out on our makeshift bed and playing in the waves. We even walked along the shore picking up pieces of corral- we brought the coolest ones back home to put on our coffee table someday. 9:00 rolled around too quickly and we were back in our room showering and packing our bags. Checkout was at 10:00 that morning. Once we ran through our room for the millionth time we headed down to checkout. It was so sad walking the hallways for the last time, but we were both excited to come home to our new lives.

After successfully checking out of our resort we made our way down the winding road toward Lahaina for a morning full of shopping. We were able to go into all of the stores we previously didn't have time for and buy souvenirs for our families and ourselves. It was the perfect day, not too hot and just a slight breeze coming in from the ocean. It made shopping very easy!

For lunch we decided to go to Cheeseburger in Paradise which is right on Front Street and sits on the beach. Neither of us had ever been but were told they had great food. We ordered a Lava Flow (one of the drinks suggested to us by the honeymooning couple on our dinner cruise) to share and burgers and cheese fries for our meal.

Right when we were seated our waitress asked the entire place who was there honeymooning, there were 5 different tables of honeymooners! She would walk to their table, say their names and then the whole restaurant would clap. It was pretty fun! There was even a couple there celebrating 50 some years of marriage, very encouraging! :)

Our food finally came out and we both hungrily attacked our plates. The burgers were pretty good! It was definitely a fun time. The view from our table was also glorious.

After lunch we made our way back to the car and headed toward the airport. On the way to Kahalui there is a scenic overlook that stands 1,000 feet over the ocean. During whale season it is a prime spot to view them. Josh pulled over and we spent some time looking at the beauty of the island. A couple pulled up and started chatting with us about their time in Hawaii, they were at this spot about an hour prior to us and had seen a whale fully surface! Maybe the next time we go to Hawaii we can go whale watching. :) It was finally time to go to the airport.

We turned in our puny Yaris, hopped on the bus to the airport and checked our bags (which was quite the process, definitely made us miss DFW airport). Our flight had been delayed a bit so we waited in the terminal for quite some time. At this point we were both so tired and knew that we had a long flight ahead so we sat together in silence waiting for our section to be called. We boarded the plane around 5:00 Hawaii time and before too long we were in the air on our way home. This flight actually topped the first one in awfulness- a night time flight where you can't lay your seat down and all you have for a pillow is the tiny airline one. Add to that the colds we had and you get a pretty nasty flight. :)

7 hours later, 5:30 Texas time, we had landed in good old DFW. After exiting the plane we walked into baggage claim and were greeted by my mom and our friend Cameron. They had driven our car out so we would have a ride home. So sweet. On the way back home we got to tell our family about the times we had in Hawaii and how much fun we had, it was such a great way to wind down.

We stopped by my parent's house to pick up some last minute stuff and our puppy, Charlie, and then headed to our house for the first time as husband and wife. We had made several trips out to our house over the past few months as it was being built, but each visit was just that, a visit. We never stayed too long. This time was permanent. We had a bed waiting for us where we could catch up on our much needed rest. My mom surprised us by hanging some temporary curtains in our room so we could have a little privacy- we were so relieved that we didn't have to pin blankets up. :)

Exhausted from a week in paradise and an entirely too long night, we jumped in bed snuggling close to one another for the first time in our home. As we drifted off to sleep I couldn't help but let out a giggle... At this moment in time, with my husband by my side, I was blissfully happy.

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